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Buzz Burger
Type of dish: Beef
Number of persons: 4

What's the buzz? The burger of the future does not necessarily consist of meat. Time to get a taste of the future with Beyond Meat burgers. To Infinity and Beyond.

Cooking time: 30 |

Temperature: 220° direct

What do you need?

- 4 Beyond Burgers - 4 buns - 40 gr dried porcini mushrooms - 50 gr chopped capers - 25 gr onion powder - 1 large onion - 2 tbs mayonnaise - Lettuce leaves - 1 lemon - 50 gr rib chips

Preparation method

It is interesting that such a basically vegan recipe starts with a mushroom named after an animal. Make cep powder from dried ceps in a blender. Roast the onion powder briefly in a pan. Put the Beyond Burgers in a bowl and knead in the capers and the onion and squirrel powder. Use your hands to mould a nice round burger. Contact is king. You can grill the burgers on a cast-iron grill, but if you like taste, you should use the griddle or cast-iron pan. The secret of the blacksmith, and we are giving it away casually here, is: the more contact, the more flavour. Slice the onion and grill it along with the burgers. The Buzz burgers are ready when the core thermometer reads 55 °C. Can I have the mayonnaise? Mix some lemon zest and juice with the mayonnaise. Cut the buns open and grill the half buns until nicely crisp. Burger construction instruction: spread the buns with your lemon mayonnaise. A leaf of lettuce, the burger, the fried onion, the rib chips and the lid do the rest.

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