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The Bastard

The Bastard barbecue was born from a love of authentic flavors and design. Hence, for The Bastard barbecue only the best materials are used.

Precision top

Always remains in the set position

Hinge system

Easy to adjustment with 4 extra thick springs

Table hinge

Improved table hinge protects your Bastard against a rattling table top


4 mm thick powder-coated steel. Suitable for any season

Ceramic dome

Long-term resistance to very high temperatures


Renewed backplate with clear temperature display

Infinity gasket

Seals the kamado barbecue perfectly lasts longer easy to clean

Half moon system

Extremely versatile with our unique half-moon system and accessories

Fire box

Made of corderite


4 robust 3" wheels

The kamado barbecue models


Compare kamado barbecue models

No matter if you want to BBQ on a balcony or in a professional kitchen, there is a Bastard kamado barbecue for everyone.

You want a Bastard !

The design, quality and available barbecue accessories convinced you of that.


For the design of The Bastard kamado barbecue the best materials have been used. It is made of the special cordierite ceramic, which makes it resistant to very high temperatures. The insulating ceramic inner lining keeps the temperature in The Bastard constant. This also comes with a lifetime warranty.


At one of our Serious Dealers you can experience the look and quality of The Bastard experience. These selected specialists can also provide you with tips and tricks and help you choose the right accessories.